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Commissions Open: Previous Work Not For Sale BTW
I will not sell any of my previous drawings, if I'm to make money from my work I must first know what my potential buyer wants so I can make that piece specifically for them.

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T.Rex Chick Base by TroytheDinosaur T.Rex Chick Base :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 10 4 T.Rex Base by TroytheDinosaur T.Rex Base :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 6 2 Bobby/Alex Practice by TroytheDinosaur Bobby/Alex Practice :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 11 8
Earda: Hell Creek
North from the Continent of Equatara, there lies one of the most dangerous wild ecosystems in the world. That land is Hell Creek, named for it's humid environment, and wild and dangerous megafauna. Hell Creek first formed 70 million years ago, 60 million years ago as the environment changed, Hell Creek all but disappeared. However as the world kept changing, Hell Creek eventually returned, though with some changes to it's ecosystem.
The climate is sub-tropical and mild. While the temperature might drop during winter, it wouldn't be so low to freeze or snow; and wouldn't last for a long time.
Forests flourish in the lowland and coastal plains which composed most of the area, not to different from the Okavango Delta or Florida Everglades in our world. There are both deciduous and evergreen plants here. The dominant plants would be angiosperms in the form of trees (magnolias, figs, pawpaws, jackfruit/breadfruit-relative, walnuts, poplars, oaks, tulip trees, palms, broadleafs, cypress, etc
:icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 2 0
WIP - Some Guy Riding a Raptor by TroytheDinosaur WIP - Some Guy Riding a Raptor :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 10 3 JLA Booster's Gold - Screenshot Edit by TroytheDinosaur JLA Booster's Gold - Screenshot Edit :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 13 0 Speculative Terror Bird by TroytheDinosaur Speculative Terror Bird :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 16 6 Palaeoloxodon Dakotaraptor Re-Make - WIP by TroytheDinosaur Palaeoloxodon Dakotaraptor Re-Make - WIP :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 19 10 Comm Mel Vs April: Retaliation by TroytheDinosaur Comm Mel Vs April: Retaliation :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 37 34 What am I drawing? 8 by TroytheDinosaur What am I drawing? 8 :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 8 13 Comm Melisa vs April: First Shot Fired by TroytheDinosaur Comm Melisa vs April: First Shot Fired :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 35 26 The Unfinished Seaside by TroytheDinosaur The Unfinished Seaside :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 12 5
Earda: Worldbuilding Draft
In the first age of civilization (Let's say maybe... 8000 bce), Elves were the first engage the dinosauroids in battle. King Maurif, the first elvish king in recorded history, fought back an invading army of Nitché (Dinosauroids). There were only 5,000 elves total and they were twice outnumbered by the Nitché army, with troops of them riding ornithomimids. But the brave and young elvish king lead his army to victory, charging on his black unicorn stallion with a bronze sword and sheild marked with an orange tree, driving the Nicthé back whence they came.
Humans only adopted the elvish vices 1 or 2,000 years later.
But this was not the end however, as 3,000 years later, the Dramár-Vras were born. 7,500 of them marched onto the fields of Chandir, (Slightly based of Chad but less arid and more temperate) armed with longs hand-held bows and broad swords, with their cavalry mounted on medium-sized ceratopsids while smaller ones rode flightless pterosaurs bred in mockery
:icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 2 0
Ambush At Dusk - Remake WIP by TroytheDinosaur Ambush At Dusk - Remake WIP :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 9 0 Cenezonia - Central Characters by TroytheDinosaur Cenezonia - Central Characters :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 14 6 Melisa Carter - Concept Art by TroytheDinosaur Melisa Carter - Concept Art :icontroythedinosaur:TroytheDinosaur 8 1


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I wish people would comment in the polls for why they voted.



Thanks for the fav!
Sun Jun 4, 2017, 9:34 AM
here's a link to get you into the idea
Thu Apr 27, 2017, 1:49 PM
Never heard of Vexx
Wed Apr 26, 2017, 10:45 PM
Since you are also in "Behind the Voice Actors" site, I was wondering if you can look at the walk-through of Vexx, and see if you recognize the voice actors.
Tue Apr 25, 2017, 10:36 AM
Hi :D
Thu Mar 30, 2017, 10:38 AM
Is it selfish of me to seek validation from others? :/
Sun Feb 26, 2017, 2:54 PM
I want to do another voice-choice poll, but I kind'a wanna be patient and wait for others to vote and see why they voted so.
Thu Jan 19, 2017, 10:01 PM
You know, when I typed "Please Comment" in the polls I expect people to comply so they'll explain why they choose a vote!
Wed Jan 18, 2017, 8:53 AM




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

So, the long awaited new animated Spider-Man show finally makes it's debut; and so far I think it's pretty good, the writing is good, the animation is good, the voice acting is great... but it still has some minor problems; one being the characterization of Harry Osborn.

Wanring: Spoilers

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad portrayal of Harry for the most part, but I can't help but feel that their setting up him as a villain way too early on, kind'a gives me flashbacks to Amazing Spider-Man to and not in a good way. It's been two episodes and already he has this venomous spite towards Spider-Man for vaguely justifiable reasons, and the fact he's being shady with his "project' seems to back up that his grudge with The Spider is skin deep; and I also feel Anya is a bit callous to Peter, even though he saved people during an incident with a sabotaged experiment SHE witnessed herself!

And while the animation is a step up from the previous Marvel shows in the past few years, it still needs some refining in it's tones and color palette; and sometimes the audio tends to fade in and out.

But for the most part though it's actually a pretty decent start, especially since it tackles one of the challenges of Peter Parker, his life as a teenager, moving to a new school, struggling to fit in, and still getting used to his identity; and of course the struggle between the man and mask; idly much like Spectacular Spider-Man. And you wanna the best thing about this show, particularly when compared to Avengers Assemble or Guardians of the Galaxy...?


Seriously, unlike the more recent cartoons before it, the characters for the most part behave like how actual humans beings with even just half a brain would react and comprehend to certain circumstances like the ones our Hero is struggling with, and the ulterior motives behind the actual villains. We haven't seen a show like this since Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, this is how you do a Marvel cartoon that can be fun, while still treating it's audience with respect for how they think when watching the story play out, so there is no dumbing down just because it's a kid's show.

Is it a great start, maybe not but so far it does show it's true potential.

Which of my drawings do you like best? And why? 

5 deviants said My Boxing Drawing?
4 deviants said My Paleoart?
4 deviants said My Fantasy Art?
1 deviant said My Fan Art?
No deviants said My Animal Drawings
No deviants said My Other Sports Drawings? (if I have any)
No deviants said My OCs
No deviants said My Re-Designs


Re-Watching some clips of the original Walking with Dinosaurs brought back some depressing memories. :sigh:  
Anyone got any tips on drawing animal carcasses, or how to draw animals lying on the ground in general?
Solar Eclipse Glasses, all sold out... crap. :/
Just saw the Batman and Harley Quinn movie; and I thought it was okay. The animation was good, as well as the voice acting (for the most part), but the story was not interesting, and some of the characters felt off putting; and seeing the same aesthetics used for a friendly Saturday morning cartoon used for these more sexually and verbally adult jokes and sequences just clashed together. There is no backstory to Harley either, as to why she quite or even what happened to Joker.

As for the voice of Harley herself; well I'll admit Melisa Rauch does make a good Harley... for a live-action project. Don't get me wrong, Melisa Rauch is a good actress and a decent comedian, but she's not a voice-actress. I know no one can truly replace Arleen Sorkin; let's face it she's practically been playing the damn character all along, and we can't always re-use Tara Strong or even Hynden Walch, but if we're going to use new talent why not use other voice actors like Kari Wahlgren or Jessica DiCicco, or heck even Kate Miccuci if you want to use a celebrity.

If it sounds like I'm being hard on Melisa's take I do apologize, that said I think she did fine with what she did, particularly during the last third of the movie, that's where I started feeling the Harley vibe.

But as is, altogether this film was just average; I still enjoyed it but it was nothing as good as most other DC animated movies.

I give it 6.5 out'a 10 stars.
Damnit I really wanna try the Szechuan Sauce. I never had it, but if it's good as people say it is, then as much as I dislike McDonalds, I'll go there just for the sauce! 


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Commissions are open.


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